27, 28, and 29 May: Three Days of “Dialogs on Man”, in Pistoia

Foto Ufficio Stampa Delos

The seventh Festival of Contemporary Anthropology is taking place in Pistoia, whose theme for 2016 is “Humanity in Play”.

Contemporary anthropology has now found its home in Pistoia. Thus, it the long-awaited appointment with the “Dialogues on Man” arrives for the seventh consecutive year. this year the three-day event will be held on the upcoming 27, 28 and 29 May with Piazza del Duomo as the hub. However, there will be events and shows spread out around the city. Sponsored by the Foundation of Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia and the City of Pistoia, the Festival was conceived and is directed by Giulia Cogoli. The theme chosen for 2016 is “Humanity in Play. Society, culture, games”.


We have chosen the key events out of the 25 scheduled. It will start on Friday 27 at 17 with the lecture Mettersi in gioco” (“Put into Play”) by the philosopher Pier Aldo Rovatti, who has shown an abiding interest in and dedication to the study of this theme.

Also on Friday, Davide Tortorella will take a look at how games and television come together in quiz shows. Later, there will be other discussions: psychoanalyst Massimo Recalcati and the classical-world scholar Eva Cantarella who will focus on the Rio de Janeiro Olympics; the linguist Alberto Nocentini, with World Cup winner Marco Tardelli and his daughter Sara; plus shows at Teatro Manzoni by Gioele Dix and Arturo Brachetti.

brachetti foto Ranzani Pier Aldo Rovatti

Arturo Brachetti (foto Ranzani) and Pier Aldo Rovatti

In partnership with the Artemisia Associazione Culturale, this year’s innovation is “The Pistoia Game. Hunt for the City’s Hidden Treasures”. It will take place on Sunday, 29 May at 10:30 and start at the Palazzo Pretorio designed for the festival, this honest-to-goodness treasure hunt will give competitors the opportunity to explore five locations in Pistoia’s historical center as they search for the answers needed to win.

Also on Sunday, there will be a mega crossword puzzle in Piazza della Sapienza at 4:30, which will discuss the games specifically designed for the Dialogues.

Gioele Dix Marco.Tardelli.con.sara.Photo.Fabrizio.Intonti

Gioele Dix and Marco Tardelli (photo Fabrizio Intonti)


The tickets are on sale from 29th April (€ 3,00 – € 7,00) Informations, program and ticket: www.dialoghisulluomo.it

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