Pistoia’s top quality wine

Pistoia’s top quality wine

Not just Montalbano, but also Quarrantino, Montalese and the white wine of the Valdinievole

Wine and Pistoia: two of the same ways of representing the city. Both are not as well known as they could be for the quality they possess. The “juice of Bacchus” has many points in common with the territory that it is part of.

To compete with the anonymity there is also the geographic reality of being surrounded by the areas of Florence, Lucca and Prato (where Carmignano is especially known): there exist true giants that are already affirmed on the market or on the road of development. The local wine, however, has a lot to say, and most of all when considering quality. Of course, the production is rather varied throughout the entire province, and therefore results in being different according to where it originates; but in general the wine of Pistoia is able to satisfy the palate of even passionate wine connoisseurs.

Vino Pistoiese

The territory of Montalbano, inserted in the production area of the Chianti, where the grape variety of “Sangiovese” dominates, represents the diamond point. There is even a tourist itinerary called “the oil and wine road of Montalbano” that reaches various areas of well-known landscape attractions. Other areas of production worthy of mention are those of Quarrata and Montale, and without forgetting the Valdinievole, whose attempt to establish the “Valdinievole doc” is the most courageous of them all, and has still not yet entirely taken off.

If one speaks of quantity, it is apparent that the wine culture of Pistoia is not able to compete with the larger and more structured competition. The indication, rather, is that of producing quality wine; perhaps not part of the niche market, but without a doubt a market to be developed. It is not by chance that in the recent years, at Vinitaly – the most well known wine fair of the sector – the wine of Pistoia made a good impression. There are few businesses that are large in dimension but many people instead who are experts of viticulture. Thanks to them we are assured of the important safeguarding of the territory and the attention to the care of the vineyards that produce this wine among the beautiful landscapes of the territory of Pistoia.


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