“Inhaling” beauty at Oasi Dynamo Camp

"Inhaling” beauty at Oasi Dynamo Camp

In Limestre, city of San Marcello Pistoiese.

In the middle of the Pistoia’s mountains, there is a reserve known for more than nature. Established in Limestre, near San Marcello Pistoiese, less than ten years ago, Dynamo Camp has already become a global benchmark for the quality and setting of its work, together with its ability to do all their different activities well.

Thus, the pleasure of making children happy has been combined with the location’s natural beauty. Affiliated with the WWF, the Dynamo Reserve covers about 900 hectares on the rolling ridges of the local Apennines. Originally a game reserve, it has been converted to a nature reserve in a sort of reverse trade-off.

With its highest point at 1100 meters above sea level, the reserve is predominantly wooded but there are open meadows and pastures at the higher altitudes where traditional pastoral farming with horse, cattle, and pig breeding activities are still carried out.

There is even a well-defined forest management use plan. On the property are also San Vito Lake and numerous water courses that flow into the Lima River. Man has had a consistent hand in its management since 1939, has been consistent and this represents one of its distinctive elements.

The panorama is breath-taking, with sweeping views of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the limestone peaks of the Apuan Alps. There are many possibilities for excursions with each offering different impressions as a result of, for example, picnics and overnight tent-camping stays, with various other daytime and evening activities. The reserve can be enjoyed by everyone, from families to athletes, even down to small children, with activities based on nature, hiking, and learning.

Oasi Dynamo Camp

For schools, there is also a full calendar of programs related to nature, sports, traditions, and culture that always put the environment front and center. Because at Dynamo, it’s about knowing how to teach the beauty of simple things like a child’s smile or a natural landscape.



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