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The smiles of the children “teleported” to faraway places.

In summer the Zoo embellishes with the smiles of the children who every day attend the summer camp organized by the Biodiversity Laboratory, the didactic section of the Zoological Garden of Pistoia

Every year a different subject is chosen through a game that involves the planning of every week of activity (from June to July and the first week of September). This year a magic machine has been chosen. This machine is able to teleport children to faraway places where extraordinary adventures are waiting for them. 

The first step of this journey was the Sahara Desert. 45 children ranging in age from 6 to 11 were catapulted into the sand dunes and welcomed by the Tuareg, who helped them dye their tagelmusts. 

The mint tea ceremony took place under a Berber tent, but food and water were very hard to find in the desert. The main topics of the activities were just the lack of water and the strategies developed by animals and plants in order to save it. How to save water in our daily life? It is a precious resource, not accessible for all, to take good care of. 

Teleportation can take children to very different contexts, such as on the Greenpeace ship, in the center of Earth or in the middle of the South American tropical rainforest. These adventures give children the opportunity to acquire information about ways and customs of local populations and about animals and their habitat. 

The project called Estate allo zoo (Summer at the Zoo) has existed for some years and many children come back, summer after summer, thus permitting the creation of an educational program which allows them to acquire knowledge about science and, above all, to fall in love with nature and to marvel at it. The aim is to increase their sense of belonging to the natural world: this is the only way for us to raise careful generations ready to take on today’s challenge of sustainable leaving, that is working for a development able to meet today’s generations needs without damaging the possibilities of the future ones to meet their own ones. 

The activities dedicated to our little visitors are not limited to morning hours only: Thursday is a very special day because the Zoo magically opens its doors in the evening too. An itinerary in the dark of the night, illuminated by the dim light of the lanterns, meeting owls and wolves, dormouses and lynxes. Then everybody look up to the sky: it is crammed full of animals, drawn with the stars which to the inexperienced eye seem to be spread casually, but which assume clear forms under the expert guidance of our amateur astronomer Federico. Myths take shape and the sounds of the Zoo act as the soundtrack of an unforgettable experience. 

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