World Championships of cycling


An exceptional week-long event in September for Florenze, Lucca and especially the province of Pistoia.

A world cycling championship has never been held on Tuscany’s roads. Perhaps the event’s magnitude has still escaped the attention of the region’s inhabitants. Something quite exceptional will take place September 22-29. All sports spotlights will be directed towards Florence, Lucca, and Pistoia, city and province.

In addition to being more than just cities of transit, many of the competition’s athletes will also stay in there. With over 90 nations represented, this “melting pot” will have a bit of everything, including a not indifferent tourism element for one week. Media coverage will be vast and extensive with more than 1500 journalists expected.

After all, with twelve races programmed, the schedule could not be fuller. Two-wheelers, however, are not limited to the event because Tuscany itself is synonymous with a passion and tradition for cycling, with riding bicycles are as natural as breathing for its inhabitants. Thus, the mix of competition and history is symbolized by each of the beautiful squares where the races will start.

For example, two races will be start from Pistoia’s Cathedral Square where the abundant greenery will be provided by the Giorgio Tesi Group, representing the true jewel in Pistoia’s crown, the nursery sector. At the end of each race, the athletes will be greeted by trees and plants in addition to the untold numbers of spectators crowded along the route, especially for the men’s final competition.

This fascination is certainly warranted as the route has been designed to also promote the area as well. Riders will file past Collodi and Pinocchio Park, and then up to the famous San Baronto, home to many famous cyclists but, above all, to a battery of amateurs who face the hill as a personal challenge every Sunday. There will be a memorial to the late Franco Ballerini, national champion and former coach who died prematurely. Every kilometer of the road has been studied for its special significance, perhaps, because this is the first world championship designed, not for the cyclists, but for the people hosting it.


Emanuele Begliomini

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