Moved by the Environment

Emozioni dall’Ambiente

Children and poetry. A competition for young students.

Imparting love, care, and respect for nature with its trees and flowers to new generations is the meaning of the Giorgio Tesi Junior Prize, the Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus competition that encourages elementary and middle school students to express their feelings when looking at a tree by describing them through the language of poetry.

Established in 2012, this contest has reached its third year with increasing interest and participation from the students of Pistoia. In fact, the call for entries is aimed at students in their last year of elementary school and all three years of middle school students from schools in the municipality of Pistoia.

The themes relate to the environment. The first year’s theme was plants, the second water, and this year, in 2015, the earth. Participants are asked to translate into verse the emotions aroused by a particular aspect of the environment in which we live.

Since its first year, the Municipality of Pistoia has given its support through the Department of Education and the Sala Maggiore for the prizes ceremony. The prizes are scholarships awarded to the top ten works, with the winners and all participants receiving as souvenirs a cap and shirt bearing the prize’s symbol.

Again this year, the event was a great success and, over the years, the children have shared with us the remarkable emotions in their poems because their eyes and their hearts can explore spheres that often elude adults.


Carlo Vezzosi 

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