A city told to the world

50 creatives from around the world were the Giorgio Tesi Group’s guests for two months. Their aim: to tell the world about Pistoia through their stories.

CCTravellers is a collective storytelling publishing project, designed to promote creativity, culture, and a local district. After the first experience in Prato in 2016, CCT-SeeCity launched a second “CALL for Creative Curious Travelers”. Of the 304 applications received from all over the world, fifty new creatives were welcomed to Pistoia this time.

Conceived by the CCT-SeeCity guidezine, this event was created thanks to the contribution of the Giorgio Tesi Group as the main sponsor in collaboration with Discover Pistoia, NATURART, La Sala, FAI Giovani Pistoia, Igers Pistoia, Brickscape, Brandini Pistoia, and the Municipality of Pistoia. The city was then invaded by the CCTravellers2017’s art and creativity. About fifty videomakers, musicians, painters, influencers, bloggers, and photographers participated in this exceptional project between July and September.

It was part of another, more extensive project that involved developing art in a definitive place of growth, a plant nursery: “Giorgio Tesi Group cultivates creativity”.
The participants were selected in May and June through an on-line call published on the www.cct-seecity.com website, with no less than 304 creatives phoning in from all over the world, including Australia, the United States, South America, Germany, France, Spain, Cyprus, England and many regions of Italy.

The initiative kicked off with a presentation of the book “Rifondata sulla bellezza” by the RAI/Report journalist Emilio Casalini, in which he wrote of his experiences traveling the world and compared them to tourism in Italy. Then the Pistoia company, a leader in the ornamental nursery sector, announced the names of the 2017 CCTravellers, who came from every corner of the world.

The artists were welcomed by the Giorgio Tesi Group, which provided them with an apartment free of charge at the nursery. Free to visit and explore Pistoia and its surroundings, they were accompanied by some members of the CCT-Seecity team, so they could creatively partner and interact with local artists and cultural organizations, in a climate of discovery and mutual understanding.

Fabrizio Tesi, legal representative of the Giorgio Tesi Group, stated, “The purpose of the two-month-long project was to cultivate and develop creativity within the nursery, combining culture with nature and the nursery art, that considers the Giorgio Tesi Group, a company leader in Europe for ornamental plant production, committed to promoting the beauty of the Pistoia area in Italy and abroad.”

Following is a selection taken from their stories about the city and its surroundings, while the wonderful collective product has been published on www.cct-seecity.com and on social media # CCTravellers2017.


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