From the year of Pistoia Capital to the future

A look at the present and the future, linking economic promotion of the Pistoia area and a commitment to social and cultural issues.

In the second half of 2016 and throughout all of 2017, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia, through its participation on the Pistoia Capital of Culture Promotion Committee, was strongly committed to working hard to implement the dossier that was assigned this coveted recognition of our city by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. All this also happened through initially unforeseen actions, which included – to give just two examples – the impressive association with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Foundation, which led to performances of Mozart’s opera Idomeneo and Mahler’s Second Symphony in our city, as well as the restoration of the frescoes in the Church of San Leone and the exhibition there of Luca della Robbia’s magnificent Visitation.

In addition, the foundation’s organizational structure has been able to maintain and even increase its own efficiency with regard to day-to-day activities, issuing twelve specific notices for the various sectors within which a large part of the foundation’s calls for proposals are concentrated.

The experience gained from partnerships with the main public and private institutions through the aforementioned committee has also been a useful operating model for the future, collectively pinpointing which roads to follow so as to identify a “common strategic vision” for the our area, overcoming anachronistic divisions and past antagonisms. The entire province of Pistoia seems to certainly be in need of this vision in light of the real economic decline that has continued for many years, even before the global financial and economic crisis that began in 2007.

As highlighted in the 2018-2020 triennial planning document, recently approved by our foundation, this “strategic vision” cannot ignore some characteristics of the world in which we live like globalization, understood as the inexhaustible integration of markets, nations and technologies at a level never before experienced, which allows individuals, companies, and nation states to interact with each other more effectively than in the past. This redistribution of wealth on a planetary level has brought new economic players (BRICS) to the world stage, while the economically advanced countries have had to face a long and massive crisis, the substantial acceleration of information and communication technologies and their use worldwide by billions of people, and the ongoing climate change that, according to the most reliable studies, could jeopardize life itself on the entire planet.

Regarding the role of public institutions, the foundation will seek to be proactive in finding new tools that encourage the promotion of our local economic development with particular reference to innovation, favoring the involvement and support of young people and targeting projects directed at technology transfer and advanced training.
In this direction, scientific and technological research also appears to be indispensable with regard to their concrete applications to our area.

Furthermore, the situation of economic difficulty can only confirm, at least for the future, the foundation’s strong social commitment to helping reduce the most severe effects of the crisis experienced by the weakest and least protected groups locally.


Text Luca Iozzelli – President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia and Pescia Foundation

Photos Nicolò Begliomini

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