What to see at Parco di Pinocchio in Collodi

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Pinocchio e dintorni, l'itinerario di Discover Pistoia

Adults and children go crazy over the theme park “Parco di Pinocchio”.

The village of Collodi, located near to Pescia, is a must-see for families. Since 1956, the park has been visited by 7 million people and in 2016 it celebrates its 60th anniversary with many special events.
A path where the fairytale comes alive shows the main points of the book “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, with works of art and architecture, mosaics, small buildings and games for children. Here you can find elements related to Carlo Collodi’s novel, such as a big goose game where you can walk as pawn, a large chessboard on the ground, a labyrinth, the fox and the cat, Toyland, the Blue Fairy’s house, Mangiafuoco’s wagon and much more.

Surrounded by nature, Parco di Pinocchio mixes together amusement, culture and Italian literature, so that even adults can entertain and discover the origins of the novel. Inside of the park, you can visit the Pinocchio Museum, that contains amazing collections of art and pictures, stage costumes and theatre scenic design related to the story. The museum is constantly renewed with temporary exhibits of many Italian artists. Then, in the Virtual Library, you can find out thousand faces and thousand translations of Pinocchio from all over the world, using a big touch-screen table.

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Children can take part to “Learn and play labs”, with activities like painting, decoration and masks and marionettes creation, they can try the old carousel (free ride for children), or have fun with Geppetto’s Games.
The Marionette Theatre and the Mechanic Theatre of Pinocchio, that show episodes from the novel, are another entertainment about Carlo Collodi’s book.
The latest new? It’s Pinocchio Adventure! The adventure park, inaugurated in summer 2015, is made of trees, trunks, bridges and a rope in Tirolese style to fly over the river Pescia. (Children bust be under 12 years old to enter the adventure park)

After the tour, few metres from Parco di Pinocchio, you can find the historical Villa Garzoni with its huge monumental garden, adorned with sculptures, fountains, waterfalls and water games. This unique marvel was built in the 18th century and is now considered an Italian National Monument and one of the most beautiful gardens of the country. In Garzoni’s Garden you can also see a curious building made of stone and glass: it’s the Butterfly House, the reproduction of a tropical garden where visitors can admire hundred exotic and colourful butterflies.

Info and tickets: www.pinocchio.it 

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