Antico Convento Park Hotel et Bellevue

La panoramica dell'Antico Convento Park Hotel et Bellevue



Tel. 0573 452651

Antico Convento Park Hotel et Bellevue, the 4 stars unconventional hotel just a few steps far from Pistoia has a unique location overlooking the entire city and all the surrounding until Prato, Florence and the Montalbano, where you can feel the mystic atmosphere of the historic residence of the eighteenth century. Aided by the scenary showing from its terrace outward as well as its ancient monastic vocation, it is totally affordable the romanticism which makes you feeling relaxed and surrounded by the enchanting picture drawn by the old oaks and olive trees, the typical features of the Tuscan landscape.

And the charm of the historic residence echoes in the unhallowed Church of the Monastery, nowadays the location for celebrations and meetings as well as the ancient dining hall merely for private parties.

convento 3 convento 2

Then the hotel and its 30 unique rooms, once the monks’ cells , now very well equipped and comfortable for an excellent staying. Furthermore the impressive panoramic Cloister outdoor, the Park and the Terrace, which are the real marvel during the warmer periods of the year and even sometimes in the winter. And about the cuisine? We recommend it for lunch or dinner at the restaurant, “La Taverna dei Frati,” where the staff’s experience and the top quality materials are the trademark of Tuscan delicacies, also care for vegetarian cooking and food intolerances. An original and evocative residence where important occasions are shared in total tranquility and privacy immersed in a landscape that takes your breath away.

Name: Antico Convento Park et Bellevue
Category: Accoglienza
Address: Via di San Quirico 33 – 51100 Pistoia
Telephone: 0573 452651

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