Tacinaia hunting farm


A company with ancient origins on the hills of Montalbano.

The Tacinaia hunting company carries on a long family tradition, where the love for the production of typical Tuscan blend with that for the territory and the green hills of Quarrata.

The original nucleus of the property, which today includes about 37 hectares with 3500 olive trees and 30 hectares of vineyards, is in the hands of the Lunardi family since the nineteenth century, as evidenced by historical documents dating back to the period.
The company produces three types of DOC wines, an excellent extra virgin olive oil, a unique vin Santo grappa, several DOCG Chianti wines and an excellent Tuscan IGT passito.

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Photo: Caratelli for vinsanto and work in the vineyards

The quality of the products of the Tacinaia hunting company is appreciated both in Italy and abroad, especially in Germany, Australia and Switzerland.

The company has 4 vinsantaie, where the old casks in chestnut, oak, fir, but also high humidity allow the production of a unique vinsanto, suitable to accompany the end of a tasty Tuscan meal.
In the fruit stands, three for the precisone, with a width of 300 square meters each, the grapes are preserved, which then gives life to the excellent wines and wines produced by the Lunardi family.

Also owned by the Lunardi family is the beautiful Rocca del Maestrino holiday home in Buriano.

Name: Tacinaia hunting company
Category: Food & Wine
Address: Via Tacinaia 75 – 51039 Quarrata (PT)
Contact information: Lorenzo Lunardi
Website: www.tacinaia.it
Email: lorenzo@tacinaia.it
Accessibility for people with disabilities: /
Opening hours: All year
Leading product: Own production of vinsanto, wine and typical products of the Pistoiese territory, with direct resale or to large retailers

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